Wednesday, August 26, 2009

special in july n august

really dun know that how long i din update my blog. since that already few ppl require me to update i decided to spent few hour to write a new post today ^^

i still remember that aft the banting training i back to ipoh to join a ETIQA roadshow in station 18's tesco. sad that this roadshow is the 1st roadshow that cause me lose money. ai,jz can say everything should have 1st time lo.

6 july 09 today is the begin of my 3rd year 1st sem. this is really a busy sem. so many lab, report and test. fortunately that i no need to do my final yr project now. back to U life seem like quite lonely for me. as i moved out to U height and stay with 6 others students that i dun know at all. cant dinner with my previous frens n dun know how invite new frens 4 dinner. luckily, in these 2 weeks some of the penang's frens keep on date me out 4 dinner then only i feel better.

10/07/09 dinner in coffee island. i pay 80% of the dinner le. as it's a birthday dinner for my fren

12/07/09 bouquet n red wine... seem lik scene in movie
19/07/09 kampar camp's gathering in grand hotel. it's very nice n fun camp bt sad that i am sick at that tim. ai... can't ss there
11/08/09 beautiful le. handmade de le. it's for senior convo. it is yong han teach xxt member n fong yee teach me. in addition i would lik to thx fy and her housemate cook healthy meal for us everyday. add oil o...
we lov urs cooking skill...

14/07/09 it seem like i always like to tk ss photo with flower wo. it's in convo of leaf

on the same day, after convo i went to queensbay with my senior to have a meal in Azuma and a appetizer in Friday for our lunch. in addition, at night i went to eat western food and movie with coursemate 破财之日啊。。。

15/08/09 bukit genting hill in penang which i wish to go for 2 sems also no people bring me to thr. it really hav a good view to watch sun set but the Thai food there is not as tasty as i imagine.

18/08/09 breakfast buffet alone in cititel kl. it's true, i finish all by myself

god, at night buffet again. had a dinner + supper in starhill jogoya. wow...unlimited sashimi, steam boat, seafood,ice kacang, fruits,cookies,soups, haagen dazs ice cream there...

long time din go taiping. so funny that i went taiping muzium. hehe,free entry ma... at night, had dinner in kizuna ipoh golf club, sashimi...hehe,nicky treat me again...

it's all my special during July n august. some that din take photo i din show lo. glad to meet friends during the mid term break. this coming weekend i will go to kl. hope it will b a wonderful trip 4 me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

training in banting

Oh god, it's really boring to have my training in Banting. Just like life of illegal foreigner, life cycle hr is working-> eating-> sleeping. Although working here is boring but I appreciate that I have this chance to go through this 2 months training. If not I wont realize that I really dun like the jobs which is related to my course. It’s better I waste 2months time here than regret after i join this working field later.

There are some nice memories during my 8 weeks training:

got a friend from Penang come to visit me and my roommate then bring us to eat Chinese food. Hehe, we ordered pork, bean curb and seaweed soup ^^ Unfortunately, we can’t enjoy the dinner as the car broke down once it stop at the restoran. Too bad luck… Then, only I know that at night Banting din have cab to take. Finally, I found 1 of my Banting friend to fetch us back safely. Thanks a lot o Bee Ting.

I planned to back only after my 8 weeks training in Banting. So lucky that 1 of my senior go to Ipoh during this weekend and she invited me to join the journey. Then only I can meet my family and had few nice meals. It is so sweet that my mom purposely cooks the nice soup 4me. However, quite sad that I been aeroplane by my friends who promised to look for me during this weekend. Ai ~ I really have many friends who up to pilot qualification.

I also have a friend purposely come from Ipoh to see that whether I death or not. Then, we went to Times Square to watch movie. Weekend sure movie fully booked so we go to the cinema with 3D effect in Times Square (I-max). However, i think is because of the low demand of 3D effect movie. That cinema does not play 3D effect movie but only play 1 type of normal movie whole day. That day the only movie available is x men wolverine. No choice la. My friend who been watched x men wolverine just can re-watch this movie. It’s so surprise when we entered the cinema. It’s the biggest cinema I never been before but only 2 of us inside the dark cinema. Just like the Thai’s ghost movie (coming soon) situation. Really very frighten. It is very lucky that we can finish the movie safely. It is followed by we had dinner inside Sunway pyramid in Italianies restoran, which same with Friday’s company. We had salmon pizza and seafood pasta. All special and taste good.

finally I passed 1 month of training here. It is really not easy. I do not mean that jobs here are hard. It’s due to trainee usual to have not much things to do. During this weekend I didn’t go to anywhere. So glad that my blockmate Ms belinda left her broadband for me to online. If not I also don’t know how to pass my boring weekend inside room. In addition, I still have dragon fruit and 粽子from joyce jeje. I also wish to thanks Mr Nar here as he accompanies me for dinner while I stand with bread meal anymore. See how nice my new friends are…


I can say it is the happiest day for me in Banting. It is nothing related to food or entertainment. It is due to my 4th sem result comes out liao. Hehe ^^ before when blogging I been wrote that I am very free in 4th sem and some more the paper I took are mostly objective paper. Thus, I said if 4th sem can’t get dean list should jump sea de la. Although my result is not very good now but at least I had fulfill my target. Thanks that Mr gaga and my drama’s husband inform me about the announcement of exam result. Once I got the result I share it with my family and friends. However, it is just seem like I ss alone there. Hehe^^ whatever la, thanks they spent time to let me ss…


Life is full of surprise. I decided not to go anywhere until I back to hometown but accidently I went to Klang and meet my sweet roommate there. It is all because of Mr Nar wish to go to shopping in Bukit Tinggi Jusco, which is the biggest Jusco in Asia. After I shopping there I went to meet my roommate by my own self le. It supposes not a big affair. However, for a not independent girl like me it need quite big courage to do so ^^ I been over night there but I still cannot escape to eat Maggie mee (supplier: keng yee) and bread (supplier: yong han) for my dinner. Ai… on Sunday we go to that Jusco again as my roommate them wish me to show them how to take bus to there (sweat). Then, we ate KFC the new spicy lemon chicken tasty o. sure my day is continue by shopping la but I succeed to control myself do not buy any clothes. Finally, I pack sushi back to hostel enjoy myself lo. So afraid to take bus alone, especially I am going to factory area. In the bus got an Indian gave his hp no to me, scare me.


It is so lucky that I meet one of my course senior in my hostel. He gave me chance to be tour leader to teach him take bus. So sweat le… I dun know why, already 3 times I been misunderstand by others that I am CHINA MOI. This time most funny, got a bus driver suddenly ask my senior that whether I got passport or not as there are blocking later. I just can answer the bus driver: “I have IC!!!!!!!!” Sien…


Finally it’s last day of my training. Beside so glad to leave here I also feel sad to leave my new friends here. It’s very embarrassing that I cry suddenly while my senior forces me to keep her RM50 as expenses of the dinner. After working time, my day continue by going to bagan alang eat ikan bakar. It’s nearby golden coast, the sand is very white and smooth and the ikan bakar also very fresh.


Early in the morning, I arrange everything and go to bukit tinggi jusco in klang. We went to green box and watch transformer 2. It’s consider a little farewell for me ^^ thanks that they purposely arrange it for me. Nice to meet u and Hope that v can keep in touch… Before going back to ipoh sure I should spend some time in kl ma. I spent my nite to clubbing in santuary. I really enjoy the night. Because gang that attend all like to dance. However, sure that I pro a bit la. Haha

It’s how I spent my days for my training. Bore but consider as a new explore and experience for me la. Thanks for all the peoples that willing to help me up during this training period. Even it’s just a very short period but I really appreciate it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

days b4 exam,aft exam n during training

wil it sound funny if i tel ppl tht i spent half day to get new roommate then decided move out from campus with housemate tht i dun knw at all? however,it's true. once i know that i cant stay in my nice hostel i search ppl to move out. no matter coursemate,schoolmate,blockmate, all ppl tht i knw or dun knw i also try to invite them to move out wif me. honestly, at tht moment almost all ppl felt tht it is mission impossible as the ppl who decided to move out they already settled everything b4 study week. i thk it wil sound more funny if i say tht finally i gt my roommate via . i dun knw my decision is correct or jz wn to prove something. anywhere,i did it. thanks for all the ppl who help me up n the ppl who din help me. no matter my later U life going to b better or poor than life in hostel i hope tht i cn cope all the coming's problem.aft tis challenge i realize tht i really too depends on others,i need to learn n change. so glad tht i hv few frens stay in U-height hope tht i wil hv precious moments wif them.
i hd long tim no blogging at all as busy in exam.actually cant say busy la jz hardworking a bit in study as i keep on online during my exam period^^
i stil prefer to share nice thgs in my blog

see all the food on table?spaggetti,frens fried,hot dog,meat ball... the cooker=mandy(sure wif helpers la) finally i cn cook in my fren's home as he really hv a nice home n nice kitchen.he's so lucky tht me n the helpers din burn his house...haha

see me n my lovely roommate.i thk v wil hv less chances to ss tgt. in fact i am nt pro in ss photo it is all because of aft i same room wif her she always ss in front of mirror so i learn frm her lo.thanks ya teacher...p/s:thanks nicky treat us a nice lunch in's our first tim visit fishmarket^^

tis is my very belated birthday present. i thk ppls wil say: wow!!! rosses wif gold ring? propose meh?
in fact it's jz a apologize + few years birthday presents. it's also end of the whole story.however,nice ending...

it's really a very very precious moment for me. in fact i jz ask my fren bring me to jogging b4 send me to the bus station bt so surprise he invited me to play golf. although my score is very poor until dun knw hw to express bt i glad to hv it in part of my nice memory

haha,japan steamboat also 1st tim 4me.the pot really very hot de.then only i realize the salmon is very expensive. only 5-6 slices already cost RM25-30. for me is nt worth at all la. fortunately gt ppl treat,hehe. take good care my frens,pls save more money. prices of food is nt a big deal if v all cn eat in a better mood.

2may 2009 i set up to kl for my 2months training in banting. b4 that sure need to hv fun in kl first. jz lik wat my fren say:有得吃就吃多点啦.

hey,let me introduce u all a very very nice place to eat until very very full. in sunway pyramid the japan buffet restoran SHOGUN really very nice n very worth for it,from the window v cn c the sunway lagoon.

1person about RM45 then v can enjoy Japanese food,japan steamboat,soup,seafood,fruit,ice-cream...from 12-5.30pm during weekend. i ate many slices of salmon n tuna then cause my fren remind me: food is for u to enjoy not to suffer urself. haha...i really full until wish to vomit bt i really enjoy it

i stil wish to repeat it: leehom,i love u...
god,the concert really excellent. honestly i admit tht although v r in bukit jalil bt v stil need to watch the screen as sit too far. jz lik my family said,in live show thy watch screen y dun watch tv at home. but believe me,it really different. the feeling is totally different. usually many fans scream crazy in concert then i am so gald to b 1 of the crazy in the concert.

finally i already work in banting for a week. i jz cn say except no fren no food n the staff too hardworking here i hv ntg to complain.aft 1 week of office work tomorrow i wil start my job in production section.hope everything wil b ok here. thanks 4 all the ppl who concern about my training here.i wil take care...thanks for all the frens who help me up in training especially the fren that fetch me to banting.thanks for ur parcel.thanks for everything...
now only realise tht can eat kfc is a feast can eat maggie mee is a wonderful meal for me bside of spent my RM4 to eat poor malay food here

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

birthday presents & programs

Aiyo,finally i am 22 now. for me the best age for a girl is 21 as it's young and we got the license to do many things we want. now 22 liao, it just seem like i am getting older and older but still do not have any achievement in my choice la,study life is bored.just can waiting time pass day by day.but i believe that study life is the only moment that really for us to enjoy and go wherever/do whatever we want.just because students are so free for fun but always say no time for study.hehe...

so,how i celebrated my 22birthday.i just can say it's really better than many of my passed birthday before.before,i felt shy to invite friends celebrate birthday with me. now high technology,just gaga post shout out (must post before 1-2weeks of birthday) on msn,facebook,blog then will have many FAN SHUs automatic 送上门 to celebrate with me.wahahaha...

24/02/09 my first present,a pink pig's accessories that hangs on the HP. it's really special and meaningful for me as it labeled my birthday. thanks that u purposely give me the present earlier as u know that u cant meet me during my birthday

27/02/09 white gold chain with a little diamond's really my desired gift long time ago. thanks for everything. u really a helpful friend,i'm very appreciate ur help. thanks,really thanks a lot. i will save money for ur next year birthday present...

28/02/09 went to eat spaghetti near by gurney,my friend say his bank running out of cash so treat me a simple meal as my birthday meal first then later only treat me a birthday feast.hehe...
the 肉丸pro than the spaghetti lo

03/03/09 my coursemate celebrate with me and 3 more friends in kim gary in queensbay. our birthday are 0307=duen kai,0308=man man,0309=jeannie & hebby. then my present from them is a Elianto's body wash...why body wash but not cosmetic? however,thanks for my coursemate to celebrate for me,fortunately have the others 3friends birthday close to mine if not i wont had such chance to celebrate my birthday with my coursemate^^

06/03/09 i want to thank my friends who joined the ipoh trip that organized by man man. this is my first time to bring penang's friends visit ipoh. sorry that let u all drive to many wrong way as i really a 路痴,nevermind la as recently petrol prices drop liao.

8.00am- reached ipoh

8.30am- we eat dim sum (p/s: i treated le!!!) din take photo there as the dim sum seller hot sale the dim sum,so scary...

9.30am- we go to drink old town white coffee (p/s: man man anti coffee) as ipoh parade not yet open so i bring my friends to original kopitiam to kill time. i had 1half boiled egg n soya there.

11.00am- finally reached ipoh parade but k box is open at 12pm.fortunately had extra 1hour ^^ why?Answer: i spent that 1hour to aim for my birthday presents. although it's lack of surprise if i choose the presents by myself but it's ok for me while i get the presents i like and no need to suffer my friends to think what they need to buy for me ^^thanks for u all presents,i really like these very much.presents that i desired again...sorry if make u all spent...

pic 1:between crystal n 意大利石 i choosen 意大利石.it's nicer

pic 2:fur bag with few little fake diamond.yeah,i like bling bling...

2.30pm- we finish ktv in k box and it's so glad that i able to buy a jacket + pencil case that sponsor by my roommate + block mate. it's lower than their budget.(p/s: man man favorite=buy things that cheap,nice,good in more quantity within the

haha,pencil case also want to ss,forget to ss with my new jacket if wish to know how it looks like pls refer the jacket i worn for my birthday countdown.

4.30pm- back to my home as there are heavy raining so it destroyed my plan to SAM POH TONG.while i reached home, it's so surprise that i got another present that sent by a friend that studying in's a pillow that can massage o...thanks o,it's 1st time i accepted present via post from such far place. it's really special and i will let u know how the massage feel like later.

pic 1:1 of my dog in pillow size(so fat)
pic 2:my cute cute new pillow ^^

6.00pm- finally the rain stop then we set up to buy XIANG BING and go to walk around at SAM POH TONG

pic 1: when will i found the ppl who sit this 姻缘石 with me?
pic 2: when I was still young, I cannot climb up the camel...
pic 3: oh god石春之路,pain o!!!

7.00pm- eat芽菜chicken ,the last destination of ipoh trip.comment from participants:eat too much,not enough time to visit others places,芽菜chicken taste friends say will wish to have another ipoh trip after my final exam.hope they din lie me la.

07/03/09 my camp's friends invited me to e-box for my little birthday celebration.

1.00pm- thanks for friends that attended:fong yee,her little sis,cc,kha loon n stupid.thanks for yee organized this little celebration for me and the cake sponsor (p/s: man man anti coffee favor cake,although just a bit of coffee ^^ ) really thanks a lot to u all and the friend who gaga act sore throat to let others sing more...

8.00pm- at night it's so sad that my hometown friends totally din plan to celebrate with me,sad o.but i am appreciate that i still have friend that willing to spent time to celebrate with me.thanks for ur western dinner in's standard can compare with FRIDAY's really a nice environment then as before u ordered the lamb chop liao so it's my turn to eat lamb chop la.hehe...
thanks for ur present=classical music box. sorry that i am quite outdated as i really never see manual music box before.thanks that u give me one of ur antique collection.please forgive my response after i open the gift as i really lack of art's cells.however,it really very special and the song of the music is very unique (song by STEVIE WONDER)

the black jacket that i am wearing is my roommate n blockmate sponsor de

after dinner really dun knnow where to kill time before countdown for my birthday.many places can go but because of the amount of the attended ppl we just can go to have tea at moon river cafe that beside the ipoh's sungai kinta.
thanks for ppl who call to wish me happy birthday:hew,minguilty,chee hong,yaw,jason,kit,kok heng,hui
thanks for ppl who sms to wish mt happy birthday:de cheng,kelvin,maggie,keag,hui ming,min guilthy,sin,kuan,xuyin,nicky,hebby,cheng ji,kam kit,hew,seng chiew,nian young,kit,wooi chung,wen cung,guan zhen,wen chio,mun,khei,kheng leong,sun,henry,chun sea,sheng hoe,xiong,roommate,ngow,yoke kin,chia xiang,hui,jasonn,ye.
thanks for ppl who mms to wish me happy birthday,sorry that i din on my mms service but i will check it out later via online:sheng hoe,ling,jiong yueh
last is thanks to ppl who wish me happy birthday via facebook & friendster

08/03/09 still no respond from my hometown friends.they really din plan to date me at all le,sad.

1.00pm-tea with friend that called my hp 10 times then finally called to my home phone to wake me up. thanks for ur present: jet'M perfume.its cover and bottle are so nice (designed like rainbow color) and it smell so nice nice until make me unwilling to use o...

yee,this photo my eyes looks bigger...
colourful box n botol ^^

5.00pm- my second round is go to jusco walk walk with another friend then my friend fetched me go to meet my family in a's my 1st time received birthday present from my mom just because there are china mui selling accessories there.again,i choose what i's faint that my family just order 臭豆鱼片饭 for me as they told me they are full before i reached.god...

if diamonds here are real 1 it sure cost >60k.nevermind la,if real 1 also no use as cant sell later

9.00pm- out for tea again in breeze cafe. in fact i quite enjoy in playing chinese chess,as many girls dun know how to play at all but i am quite pro in it. it's more interesting while i can won my friend that quite pro in chinese chess.wahaha,pro...

09/03/09 played badminton with camp's friends.they all siao de,all expert.make the ppl that 9 years also din exercise once (man man) nearly faint o,whole body pain after the's follow by i force my parents to eat steamboat in parade,i wont let them substitute my birthday feast by 臭豆鱼片饭!!! finally i took 7.30pm bus back to penang with my roommate and blockmate. thanks for friend who fetched us back to usm.thanks for ur present for me: diamonds (fake) accessories that hangs on the HP. it have a number of 8 at the end of the accessories,seem like insulting me very 7+1 le.but i really like it as i like shinning things
haha,it's how i passed my birthday.simple but wonderful for me.thanks for all the FAN SHUs who 送上门.haha...thanks for everything...a lot a lot.without u all there are just empty for my life.for the ppl who promised to give me belated present or dinner dun gaga forget ya.

presents by (arrangement follow alphabet) : cheng ji,coursemate,de cheng,fong yee,hew,jason,jun yip,kelvin,kok heng,minguilthy,mom,nicky,yong han,yukina
pls remind me urs birthday while ur birthday is just around the courner (suggestion: u should gaga like me post shout out before 1-2weeks of ur birthday de) if not i may gaga forget o...hehe...